Joining the Whitehead Lab

We are seeking exceptionally enthusiastic, creative,  and  driven  researchers  with  a  passion  for good science and a desire to apply their unique talents to high-impact work. Since our research spans multiple disciplines, working with us will develop your skills in a variety of areas, including  chemical synthesis, nanomaterial characterization, molecular biology, and preclinical testing.

Graduate students

Ph.D. students **must first be accepted into the Department of Chemical Engineering** at Carnegie Mellon University before joining the lab during the fall of their first year. At this time, we are not accepting Ph.D. students from any other program (e.g. Biomedical Engineering). Our lab currently accepts M.S. students from both ChE and BME departments. Please see ChE website or the BME website for application information. All Ph.D. graduate students are strongly encouraged to compete for graduate fellowships prior to and after joining CMU (these are terrific both for the student and the lab).

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates must be willing to commit 12-15 hours per week to research during the semester. Please email Prof. Whitehead if you are interested in conducting research, keeping in mind that we have open positions only from time to time.

Postdoctoral candidates

with excellent credentials and relevant research experience are encouraged to email their CV, a short description of previous work and the names/contact information of three references to Professor Whitehead. Although postdoc positions are not always available, flexibility may be afforded to candidates with external funding sources.