Aug. 15   Prof. Whitehead's abstract on the co-delivery of siRNA and mRNA is chosen for a late-breaking talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology.

Aug. 12   Khalid wins a Best Poster Award at the Gordon Research Symposium on Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology for his work on mRNA delivery.

Aug. 6   The Whitehead Lab members go rafting in Ohiopyle State Park. Prof. Whitehead was dumped into the river only once. Nick realized his true calling as a river raft captain. Kathy practiced being excellent.

July 24   Khalid wins one of the coveted Poster Awards at the Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting. He was one of four winners out of hundreds of posters.

July 22  Prof. Whitehead is recognized by the Controlled Release Society for her efforts as the inaugural chair of the Oral Delivery Focus Group.

July 15  The Whitehead Lab receives NSF funding for the engineering of polymer-protein conjugates for oral protein delivery.

June 1   Prof. Whitehead receives the DARPA Director's Fellowship in support of the lab's work on mRNA delivery systems.

May 18   Prof. Whitehead gives a keynote lecture on RNA delivery at the Canadian Society of Biomaterials Annual Meeting.

May 2   We have a new doctor! Lisa Kasiewicz defends her thesis. Congratulations!

Apr. 25   Becca, Khal, & two of our UGs, Jamie and Palak, publish their paper in Nano Letters on a lipid nanoparticle formulation for synergistic co-delivery of siRNA and mRNA.

Apr. 11   Chris and Jia's paper on triple siRNA cocktails for mantle cell lymphoma therapy is published in the open access journal Bioengineering and Translational Medicine.

Apr. 1   Namit is awarded the Weiland Graduate Fellowship in Chemical Engineering. Congratulations, Namit!

Mar. 1   The Whitehead Lab is awarded a grant from the Curci Foundation to study the influence of mRNA sequence on the mRNA delivery process.

Feb. 22   Becca successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations, Doctor!

Feb. 1   Becca's paper on the fate of lipid nanoparticles in the GI tract is published open access in Scientific Reports.

Jan. 15   Becca is awarded the Mahmood I. Bhutta Graduate Fellowship in Chemical Engineering.

Jan. 10   Kathy Fein is awarded the Bradford and Diane Smith Graduate Fellowship from the College of Engineering. Congratulations, Kathy!


Dec. 19   Prof. Whitehead is quoted in Science Magazine on a new paper describing mRNA delivery to treat a rare metablic disorder.

Dec. 6   A warm welcome to our two new M.S. students from the Department of Chemical Engineering: Chinedu Okorafor and Sijie Xian!

Nov. 16   Welcome to our new Ph.D. students, Namit Chaudhary and Rose Doerfler, and M.S. student, Daria Strelkova. Welcome also to Kristina Friis, our new postdoc, who will be based in Gothenburg, Sweden to facilitate a collaboration with AstraZeneca.

Nov. 1   Rebecca Ball and Lisa Kasiewicz majorly represent at the AIChE annual meeting by winning 1st place graduate student podium presentation awards in divisions 22B Bionanotechnology and 8B Biomaterials, respectively. Congratulations, Becca and Lisa!

Oct. 27   Nick Lamson wins an Honorable Mention podium presentation award at the annual Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association symposium. Congratulations, Nick!

Sept. 12   Khalid's article reviewing the current lanscape of non-viral mRNA delivery materials is published in Nature Reviews Materials.

Aug. 15   Lisa's review article on biomaterials for the treatment of diabetic wounds is published in Biomaterials Science as part of the 2017 Emerging Investigators special issue.

June 10   Kathy, Becca & our Russell Lab collaborators publish on a new technique for enhancing oral protein delivery in Journal of Controlled Release.

May 21   Congratulations to the biggest batch ever of Whitehead Lab graduates - Chris Knapp (Ph.D.), Yan Zhang and Ya-Wen Cheng (M.S.), and Anna Zhang & Vishal Ahuja (B.S.)!

May 1   The illustrious Chris Knapp is the first Whitehead Lab student to defend his Ph.D.! Congratulations to Chris on a job well done.

Apr. 3   Kathy and Nick's paper on phenylpiperazine intestinal permeation enhancers is published in Pharmaceutical Research.

Mar. 14   Prof. Whitehead is named the 2017 Emerging Female Scientist Awardee from the Carnegie Science Center.

Jan. 5   Chris Knapp is selected for the Rothfus Graduate Fellowship in Chemical Engineering.


Dec. 31   Becca's paper on LNP storage is published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine.

Dec. 14   Prof. Whitehead's article, "A new lease on half-life", is published online at Science Translational Medicine.

Nov. 30   Prof. Whitehead publishes "Muscling out gene mutations" in Science Translational Medicine.

Nov. 15   New Ph.D. student Kyle Cochran joins the group. Welcome!

Oct. 21   Whitehead Lab Ph.D. students win awards at the annual Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association symposium. Lisa Kasiewicz is awarded the Geoffrey D. Parfitt Memorial Award for best overall talk, and Rebecca Ball is awarded an Honorable Mention for her presentation. Very proud of our students' ability to communicate their science effectively to a broad audience.

Oct. 19   Prof. Whitehead publishes the article "Protecting kids with a patch" at Science Translational Medicine.

Oct. 18   Prof. Whitehead wins DARPA Young Faculty Award to develop next-generation mRNA delivery materials. CMU College of Engineering story here.

Sept. 7   Prof. Whitehead's article on "Gobbling up inflammation to ameliorate autoimmunity" is published at Science Translational Medicine.

Aug. 12   Prof. Whitehead is named a 2016 Young Innovator of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. CMU College of Engineering story here; journal editorial here.

July 27   Prof. Whitehead's article, "A captive peptide for T cell activation", is published online at Science Translational Medicine.

July 11   The Whitehead Lab receives a four year grant from the Wadhwani Foundation for their work on studying the immune response to nanoparticle delivery systems. Press release at phys.org.

June 15   Prof. Whitehead publishes the article "Pancreatic cells play switcheroo" at Science Translational Medicine.   

May 26   The Whitehead Lab receives a two year grant from the Disruptive Health Technology Initiative for their work on treating inflammatory bowel disease.

May 17   Jia He graduates with her M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering - congratulations on a job well done!

May 4   Undergrad Himali Ranade wins another 1st place poster prize for her work with Lisa Kasiewicz on siRNA delivery for wounds! This one was part of the Sigma Xi competition (100+ participants) at CMU's Meeting of the Minds.

May 4   Undergrads Anna Zhang & Vishal Ahuja win a 3rd place poster prize in the SRC competition at CMU's Meeting of the Minds.

Apr. 27   Prof. Whitehead's article on "A one-two punch for pain control" is published at Science Translational Medicine.

Apr. 15   Chris and Penghong's paper is published in Cellular and Molecular Engineering - congratulations!

Mar. 29   The talented Nick Lamson wins an NSF Graduate Fellowship!!!

Mar. 27   Chris' manuscript on Mcl-1 silencing for Mantle cell lymphoma therapy is published online at Experimental Biology & Medicine.

Mar. 23   Prof. Whitehead's first Science Translational Medicine article as an Associate Scientific Adivsor is published. It highlights a new broad-spectrum antiseptic that wipes out even the most vexing microbial infections.

Mar. 2   Prof. Whitehead is selected as a 2016 Associate Scientific Advisor for Science Translational Medicine.

Feb. 2   Chris Knapp is awarded the John and Claire Bertucci Fellowship for his research on Mantle cell lymphoma therapy.

Jan. 5   Nick & coauthors publish in Molecular Pharmaceutics on epithelial permeation enhancement with piperazines.


Dec. 22   Lisa's paper in Acta Biomaterialia on 2-for-1 gene silencing in wounds is published online.

Dec. 18   Kanika Suri is awarded her M.S. degree - congratulations!

Nov. 9   Congratulations to Himali Ranade on her 1st place prize at the Food, Pharmaceutics, and Biotechnology Undergraduate Poster Session at AIChE!  

Nov. 6   Welcome to our newest Ph.D. student, Kathy Fein!

Oct. 29   Prof. Whitehead participates in a Faculty Forum Online, Alumni Edition webcast on Advances in Nanotechnology put on by the MIT Alumni Association. You can watch the webcast here.

Oct. 23   Second year Ph.D. student, Khalid Hajj, wins the Gary Powers 1st place poster prize at the annual ChEGSA Symposium.

Oct. 13   Prof. Whitehead and the Whitehead Lab mascot, the Honey Badger, are featured in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news article.

Oct. 6   The Whitehead Lab welcomes BME M.S. students, Yawen Cheng and Yan Zhang.

Sept. 23   Prof. Whitehead is named as one of 2015's Brilliant 10 by Popular Science magazine. PopSci story here, as well as a CMU press release and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story.

Sept. 21   Undergrad Himali Ranade is selected as a Berg scholar at the first  John Berg Undergraduate Research Symposium. Himali will present her research at this fall's AIChE meeting in Salt Lake City.

July 20   Becca and Chris' paper is online at PLOS One!

June 25   Prof. Whitehead is selected as a participant in the National Academy of Engineering's 21st U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. NAE and CMU press releases.

May 16   Prof. Whitehead receives the 2015 Kun Li Excellence in Education Award.

May 16   Daniel Lee graduates with his M.S. degree - congrats!

May 6   Congratulations to Anna Zhang and Vishal Ahuja, mentored by Becca Ball, on their poster award at CMU's Meeting of the Minds.

May 1   The Whitehead Lab receives funding from the Berkman Faculty Devleopment Fund for intestinal disease therapy.

Apr. 24   Undergrad Sevahn Vorperian receives ChESS funding for 2015 summer research - congratulations!

Apr. 22   Freshman Himali Ranade is awarded CNAST summer research support, funded by the DSF Charitable Foundation.

Mar. 10   Becca wins best Cellular & Gene Therapy poster at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine's scientific retreat!

Jan. 2   The Whitehead Lab receives seed funding as part of the CMU Center for Polymer-Based Protein Engineering, supported by the College of Engineering and Mellon College of Science.


Dec. 30   The Whitehead Lab is awarded a 3 year grant from CNAST, made possible by the David Scaife Family Charitable Foundation. This award will be used to support the lab's efforts in siRNA delivery.

Dec. 18   Chang Liu is awarded his M.S. degree - congratulations!

Dec. 15   ChE M.S. student Kanika Suri joins the lab - welcome!

Dec. 12   Nick Lamson is awarded the Thomas & Adrienne Klopack Graduate Fellowship! Congratulations, Nick.

Nov. 28   Prof. Whitehead's paper is published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

Nov. 26   Vishal & Anna are accepted into the competitive SRO-URO program at CMU for 2015 - 2016.

Nov. 14   Ph.D. students Khalid Hajj and Nicholas Lamson join the group.

Nov. 8   Prof. Whitehead is a guest on the Regenerative Medicine Today podcast. Listen to Podcast #140 describing the lab's work with nanoparticles.

Nov. 1   M.S. student Jia He joins the lab - glad to have you!

Oct. 6   Prof. Whitehead discusses the lab's work on immune cell siRNA delivery at the NanoDDS symposium in Chapel Hill, NC.

Sept. 23   Prof. Whitehead speaks at EmTech 2014 as an MIT Technology Revew Innovator Under 35 honoree. Behind the scenes question and answer here.

Sept. 22   Chris' manuscript is published in Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery.

Sept. 19   Chris Knapp is awarded a Dowd-ICES Fellowship for his work on B-cell lymphoma.

Sept. 2   Undergrads George Degen & Vishal Ahuja join the lab - welcome!

Aug. 12   Prof. Whitehead is named as a Pioneer on the MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 list for her contributions to biotechnology and medicine. CMU press release found here.

July 12   College of Engineering video features Prof. Whitehead discussing the lab's work in oral delivery.

June 30   Prof. Whitehead's paper is published in Nature Communications.

May 18   Gabrielle graduates with her M.S. degree - congratulations!

Mar. 7   Anna is awarded an HHMI scholarship for summer research.

Feb. 19   Lisa is awarded the Gulf Oil Fellowship.


Dec. 15   Penghong receives her M.S. degree - congratulations!

Dec. 12   M.S. student Chang Liu joins the group.

Nov. 14   Ph.D. students Rebecca Ball & Lisa Kasiewicz join the lab.

Oct. 1   M.S. student Daniel Lee and undergraduate Anna Zhang join the Whitehead lab - welcome to you both.

June 11   The Whitehead & Matyjaszewski labs receive a seed grant from the Disruptive Health Technology Initiative to develop polymeric dressings for chronic wounds.

June 1   The Whitehead Lab joins the Center for Nucleic Acids Science and Technology at CMU.

May 1   Prof. Whitehead is appointed as an affiliate member of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Apr. 15   Prof. Whitehead secures funding for an IVIS Spectrum CT imaging system for the CMU campus.

Mar. 1   Prof. Whitehead is appointed as a courtesy member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering.


Dec. 15   M.S. student Penghong Guo joins the group - welcome!

Nov. 15   Ph.D. students Chris Knapp & Gabrielle Cusimano join the group.

Apr. 15   Not-yet-Prof. Whitehead signs with CMU!